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Use the internal image viewer

View images and PDFs in Working Papers using the internal image viewer. With the internal image viewer, you can:

  • Add headers and footers containing role, client, and document information.
  • Rotate and scale images when printing.
  • Add annotations using Working Papers' annotation system.

To display an image or PDF in the internal image viewer:

  1. In the Document Manager, right-click an image or PDF, then click Properties. The Document Link Properties dialog displays.
  2. On the General tab, click the Viewer drop-down menu and select Internal image viewer.

The image or PDF now displays using the internal image viewer. Double-click the image or PDF to view it.


  • Newly added images and PDFs will use the most recently selected image viewer by default.
  • You can change the display size of the image or PDF using View | Zoom control.
  • You can see what image viewer a document uses by displaying the Viewer column in the Document Manager. Right-click any column header, then click Show | Viewer to display the column.