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Annotate images or PDFs

You can add annotations to images and PDFs in the Internal Image Viewer.

You may have to set your default image viewer to the Internal Image Viewer. For more information, see Use the internal image viewer.

To annotate an image or PDF:

  1. Open the image or PDF that you want to annotate in the Internal Image Viewer.
  2. Right-click the area in the image or PDF where you want to add the annotation, then click Annotate. The Image Annotation dialog displays.
  3. Complete the dialog options as required.

    Option Description
    Reference If applicable, enter a manual reference or select a document reference(s).
    Tickmark If applicable, select the appropriate tickmark for the annotation.

    If applicable, enter a note to explain the annotation.

    Show as text box

    Select to display the annotation as a text box containing the Note.

    • Transparent: Select to make the text box background transparent.

    Click OK.

The annotation is added to the image or PDF in the selected location. You can drag and drop the annotation to reposition it if required, however it cannot be placed in the header or footer of a PDF.


  • Right-click an image annotation to edit, copy, or delete it, and to toggle between standard and text box display.
  • If the annotation contains a document reference, clicking the reference drills down to the document rather than selecting the annotation.
  • Notes are numbered in top to bottom order. If a note is moved or deleted, all notes are automatically renumbered.
  • If the image for a document has changed, all annotations in the original document are cleared.
  • Annotations are not included when exporting a PDF or image.