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Save as Excel

You can save one or multiple documents from your Working Papers file as an Excel workbook.

To save documents as an Excel workbook:

  1. In the Document Manager, select the documents that you want to save as an Excel workbook. Use CTRL + click to select multiple documents, or select a folder to include all subfolders.
  2. On the ribbon, click Document | Save As | Save as Excel File.... The Save as Excel dialog displays.
  3. Complete the dialog options as required.

    Option Description
    Add to client file and Document Manager Select to automatically add the new Excel workbook to your current file's Document Manager.
    File Name Enter a name for the Excel workbook.
    Folder Enter or Browse for a location to save the Excel workbook.

    Select a file extension for the Excel workbook. Different versions of Excel may require different file extensions.

    Click OK.

The documents are saved as an Excel workbook.

Note: You can also save the entire engagement file to Excel. On the ribbon, click Engagement | Save As | Save as Excel Files....