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Save as a web page

You can save one or multiple documents from your Working Papers file as an HTML web page.

To save documents as a web page:

  1. In the Document Manager, select the documents that you want to save as a web page. Use CTRL + click to select multiple documents, or select a folder to include all subfolders.
  2. On the ribbon, click Document | Save As | Save as Web Page....
  3. In the dialog, enter a name, then select a location to save the file. Click Save.
  4. (CaseView documents only) In the Publish HTML Document dialog, select any applicable options.

    Option Description
    Tables size to fit available space Select to automatically resize any tables in the source document to fit within the space available in the web page.
    Include External Documents Select to include any referenced external documents from the source document as links in the web page.

    Click OK.

The documents are saved as an HTML web page.


  • You can also save the entire engagement file to HTML. On the ribbon, click Engagement | Save As | Save as Web Pages....
  • If the documents contain images, they will be saved separately from the HTML file. The images must remain in the same folder as the HTML file to display as part of the web page.
  • Restricted characters in the document title (?, \, /, :) are automatically replaced with an exclamation (!). Documents with a title containing an asterisk (*) cannot be converted to HTML.