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Renumber accounts

You can renumber accounts using a variety of different methods. When you renumber an account, any journal entries and documents are automatically updated with the new number.

To renumber accounts:

  1. On the ribbon, click Account | Renumber Accounts. The Renumber Accounts dialog displays.
  2. In the Method drop-down menu, select a renumbering method:
    • Find/Replace: Renumber accounts by finding and replacing a specific sequence. For example, to change the account format from x.x to x-x, enter . in the Find What field, and - in the Replace With field.
    • Insert Prefix: Renumber accounts by adding a prefix. For example, to add A before account numbers, enter A in the Prefix field.
    • Insert Suffix: Renumber accounts by adding a suffix. For example, to add Z after account numbers, enter Z in the Suffix field.
    • Reincrement: Renumber accounts by defining a starting point and incrementing by a set number. For example, to start account numbering at 100 with an increment amount of 1, enter 100 in the Starting Account No field, and 1 in the Increment By field.
    • Constant Shift: Renumber accounts by a specific number. For example, to increase account numbers by 5, enter 5 in the Amount field.
    • Regular Expression: Renumber accounts using regular expressions.
  3. In the Data Range section, enter the range of accounts to renumber, or leave the fields blank to include all accounts. If applicable, select the options to include splitups, performance measures, and cash flow accounts in the range.
  4. Review the list of accounts to renumber and the expected results. Click Renumber.

The accounts are renumbered.