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Create a Performance Measures account

You can create accounts for specific performance indicators, such as waste management, employee expenditures, and more. By creating Performance Measure accounts, the Trial Balance and adjusting entry system in Working Papers can handle information regardless of the unit of measurement.

To create a Performance Measures account:

  1. On the ribbon, click Account | Trial Balance.
  2. In the Trial Balance, click the Performance Measures worksheet tab, then click New. The Insert/Modify Account dialog displays.
  3. Complete the dialog options as required.

    Option Description

    In a consolidated file, select the entity where you want to assign the account.

    Account No.

    Enter a unique account number between 2 and 40 alphanumeric characters.


    Enter a description of the account. This description displays on the Trial Balance, general ledger, draft financial statements and all working paper documents.

    Map No.

    Select the applicable map number for the account. Additional account properties will populate automatically based on the properties assigned to the map number.

    To perform account mapping of the chart of accounts, see Assign accounts to map and group numbers.


    If applicable, select the leadsheet where you want to display the account.

    To assign group numbers to the chart of accounts, see Assign accounts to map and group numbers.


    If applicable, select a unit of measure.

    Opening Balance Enter the opening balance for client accounting assignments and preliminary balances for working paper assignments. This balance becomes the opening balance when viewing the general ledger and the preliminary balance of Trial Balances or leadsheets.
    Adjustments Displays the total adjustments for the account. This amount equals the total of transactions and adjustments displayed in the Trial Balance. In multiple period files, reclassifying journals display only in the month to which they are posted; their balances are not accumulated.
    Final Balance Displays the final balance for the account.

    Click OK.

The Performance Measures account is added to the Trial Balance.

Add a unit of measure

You can add a new unit of measure to assign to your Performance Measure account if it does not exist in the file.

To add a unit of measure:

  1. On the ribbon, click Tools | Options.
  2. In the Properties menu, click Units.
  3. Click New to create a new unit of measure. You can also modify an existing unit of measure by selecting it and clicking Edit.
  4. Enter a unit identifier, short description; and if required, an extended description. Click OK.

The unit of measure is added and can be assigned to Performance Measure accounts or used for analytical review.