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Record other basis adjustments

An other basis adjustment is a type of adjustment that can be incorporated into balances. For example, you can use an other basis adjustment to post cash basis entries, then switch the balances from accrual basis to cash basis in reports. You can also include other basis adjustments in your tax export and link the other basis data to cells in CaseView documents.

To record an other basis adjustment:

  1. On the ribbon, click Account | Adjusting Entries.
  2. Click New to create a new entry with an incremented entry number.
  3. In the Type drop-down menu, select Other basis.
  4. Complete the worksheet columns for your entry as required.
  5. Report the adjustment using any of the following automatic documents. Ensure you complete the associated requirements for the document type you use.

    Document Type Requirements

    Analytical review (excluding Ratio analysis format)

    In the automatic document properties, select Include Other Basis Adjustments to show the other basis adjustments columns.


    Tax reconciliation

    Trial balance

    Journals - Adjusting journal entries In the automatic document properties, select either Other basis or All entries as the document format.

The other basis adjustment is recorded.


  • You can link other basis adjustment data to cells in CaseView use the codes OB and OBA. OB returns the other basis adjustment, and OBA includes other basis adjustments in any balance.
  • You can export other basis adjustments to tax software by selecting Include Other Basis Adjustments when performing a tax export.
  • When performing a year end close, you can roll forward the other basis adjustments into the next year file by selecting Update prior year balance data in the roll forward options. All current year balances including the other basis adjustments become the prior year balances in the next year file.