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Add an adjusting entry type

By default, Working Papers includes the following adjusting entry types:

  • Normal adjusting
  • Reclassifying
  • Unrecorded - factual, projected, judgmental
  • Eliminating,
  • Tax - Federal, State, City
  • Other basis
  • Prior period

However, you can add your own adjusting entry types to meet your organizations reporting requirements.

To add an adjusting entry type:

  1. On the ribbon, click Account | Adjusting Entries.
  2. At the bottom of the Adjusting Entry worksheet, click Customize.... The Customize Adjusting Journal Entries dialog displays.
  3. On the Customize tab, click Show extra Adjusting Entry types.
  4. In the Other adjusting 2/3 description field, enter the full name of the new entry type (up to 20 alphanumeric characters).
  5. In the Other adjusting 2/3 abbreviation field, enter an abbreviated name for the new entry type (up to 10 alphanumeric characters). Click OK.

The adjusting entry type is added. You can now select the type from the Type drop-down menu in new or existing adjusting entries.