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Group number properties

Customize the properties of the selected map number. To access these properties, select a map number in the Mapping database, then click Home | Properties.

Option Description
Group No

Enter a unique number for the leadsheet or group containing up to 40 alphanumeric characters.


Enter a name for the leadsheet or group number. Click ... to enter an extended description.


Select the type of statement where the leadsheet or group number is applicable.

  • Balance Sheet (B)
  • Income Statement (I)
  • Statement of Cash Flow (S)
  • Performance (P)

Adjusting journal entries made directly to an Income Statement type leadsheet or group number will be included in the Net Income on all automatic documents in the group. If the leadsheet or group number type is changed to or from Income Statement, then a full repost is completed to update the Net Income adjusting entry.

Normal Sign Select a normal sign for the leadsheet or group number, either Credit or Debit.

Select the grouping behavior:

  • Normal: Accounts can be assigned to the leadsheet or group number.
  • Calculated: Perform a calculation for accounts that have a calculated behavior in their leadsheet or group number. Individual accounts cannot be assigned to a calculated group number.
  • Unassignable: Accounts cannot be assigned to the leadsheet or group number.
Title Select to use the leadsheet or group number as a title in reports. You cannot assign accounts to title group numbers. Changing an existing group number to a title will unassign any assigned accounts.
Class Select the ratio class to use for calculating financial ratios, conducting analytical review, and preparing the Summary of Uncorrected Misstatements document.

Enter a calculation to assign multiple accounts or a range of accounts to the leadsheet/group number.

Flip Type

Select a display method for the flip number.

L/S/Group No (Flip) Select the applicable leadsheet or group number to use if an account is flipped.

Select to add a single underline or double underline to the selected balance. Underlines for totals and subtotals are added to the file's structures.