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Purge map numbers

Since accounts vary from client to client, the Mapping database can become large and unwieldy. To reduce the size of your Working Papers file, you can purge the unnecessary map numbers.

First, you must filter the map numbers to purge by creating purge criteria. Purge criteria contains the filter ID, dBase filter expression to use, and whether to keep or remove the map numbers that match the expression.

To create purge criteria:

  1. On the ribbon, click Tools | Options | Purge.
  2. Click New.... The Purge Criteria dialog displays.
  3. Complete the options as required.

    Option Description
    Filter ID

    Enter an identifier for the purge criteria containing up to 20 alphanumeric characters.


    Enter a description of the purge criteria and its intended result. This description displays in the Purge list of the Tools | Options dialog.

    Filter Type

    Select whether to keep or remove the map numbers that match the filter.

    • Keep only map numbers that match the filter expression
    • Remove all map numbers that match the filter expression
    Filter Expression

    Enter a database filter expression that specifies which map numbers to keep or remove. The filter expression can contain up to 510 alphanumeric characters.

    Filter expressions typically use the format Function(expression 1, expression 2, etc...) in any combination of values (including CLP codes), variables, or operators that yield a single value when calculated.


    • Length(trim(map_no))<10 filters map numbers with a length less than 10.
    • Left(map_no,2)="11" filters map numbers that begin with 11.
    Change unassignable maps to normal if all children are deleted

    Select to switch unassignable parent map numbers to assignable if all of their child map numbers are purged.

    Click OK.

After creating the purge criteria, you can use it to filter and purge map numbers from the file.

To purge map numbers:

  1. On the ribbon, click Tools | Options | Purge.
  2. In the Purge list, select the purge criteria to use.
  3. Click Purge now.

The map numbers matching the purge criteria are removed from the Working Papers file. Click OK to close the results dialog.


  • You cannot purge map numbers with adjustments.
  • A log file displays at the end of a purge to display the results of the purge, including skipped map numbers, or accounts where an assignment has changed.
  • Purge criteria is stored in the Working Papers file and can be copied to other files by performing a Copy Components.