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About sign in / out

When you want to work on a file independently from the rest of your staff, you can perform a sign out. Signing out a Working Papers file creates a local copy that you can modify, while the central copy of the file becomes read-only.

You can check out documents in the signed out copy to subdivide the file further.

After signing out a Working Papers file, the following occurs:

  • The sign out is recorded in the history of both the central file and the central copy.
  • The Status bar displays the name of the user who signed out the file.
  • The Switch to Central Copy option becomes available from the File menu of the central file. Click this option to switch to the central copy where you can make modifications.

When you sign your modified copy back in to the central file, it updates with your changes and restores access to other staff.


  • You cannot sign out SmartSync files that have sync copies. You must delete or abandon all sync copies first.
  • You cannot sign out compressed files. Decompress the file first, then attempt the sign out.