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Export adjusting entries

You can export adjusting entry data to a variety of different accounting software packages. The export file's name and file type are specific to the target software package.

Software Export file
<Generic> cwadj.txt
Caseware cwadjust.caj
Exact exactadj.txt
MYOB cwmyob.txt
Pastel Partner caseweg.csv
QuickBooks (2019 and earlier) cwquickbb.iif
Sage 50 cwsage.csv
Simply Accounting cwsimply.txt
Venice cwvenice.txt

To export adjusting entries:

  1. On the ribbon, click Engagement | Export | Adjustments.
  2. The Export Adjustments dialog displays. Complete the dialog as required.

    Option Description

    File Format

    Select the export file format that you want to export.

    Export File

    Type or click Browse to enter a directory path to where the file should be exported.

    Entity Specific Export

    Select to export information about a single entity only. Only available in consolidated client files.

    Include Sub Entities

    Select to export associated sub entities along with the entity. When selected, a consolidated total of the parent company and its subsidiaries is exported.

    Note: The parent company name and address will be included for all tax exports. If exporting entity specific data from a consolidated file, company name and address for sub entities must be modified in the tax software once data has been imported.

    Calculated adjusting entries only

    Select to export only calculated adjusting entries.

    Use Extended Description for Account Name

    Select to use the extended description as the account name.

    All dates inclusive / From / To

    When selected, all adjusting entries in the period are exported. If cleared, specify the date range of adjusting entries to be exported.

    Date Format

    Only available for MYOB exports. Select the date format used in your version of MYOB The default format is MMDDYY.

    Period / Adj.Type / Balance / Misstatements / Accounts / Apply to

    Select from the applicable fields to filter on the type of adjustments to be exported.

    Click OK.

Adjusting Entry data is exported to a file in the specified destination.


  • For MYOB exports, select the date format used in your version of MYOB. The default format is MMDDYY.
  • For QuickBooks exports, if you imported a QuickBooks file with Import Account Name into Extended Description selected, you must select Use Extended Description for Account Name when exporting adjusting entries.