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Export to Batch PDF

You can export multiple documents or an entire engagement file to a Batch PDF. Batch PDFs do not have the same usability restrictions as Working Papers files and are accessible outside of the application. This allows you to send file data to an external reviewer who does not have a Working Papers license themselves.

To save documents or the file as a Batch PDF:

  1. On the ribbon, click Engagement | Save As | Save as PDF File..., or Engagement | Export | Batch PDF.... The PDF Export dialog displays.
  2. Next to the Export set option, click New. Enter a name for the new export set. Click OK.
  3. In the Select document(s) list, select the documents that you want to include in the Batch PDF, then click Add to insert them. If required, you can reorder the inserted documents by dragging them in the PDF documents list.

    Note: Use the Filter by drop-down menu to locate specific documents.

  4. Next to PDF documents, click Properties. Complete the PDF settings as required.

    Option Description
    PDF name

    Enter a name for the resulting export file.

    Merge PDF files Select to merge the documents in the Batch PDF into a single PDF.
    Include Document Number in Bookmarks

    Select to display the document number next to the document name in the bookmark.

    Export as PDF/A (ISO 19005-1 compliant) Export the document(s) to a standard archiving format.
    PDF Security Options

    Enable security options for the PDF.

    • Owner password: Add a password for the owner of the PDF. Re-enter and confirm the password.
    • User password: Add a password that users must enter to view the PDF. The User password should not duplicate the Owner password.
    • Enable printing: Allow users to print the PDF.
    • Enable document modification: Allow users to modify the PDF.
    • Enable copying text and graphics: Allow users to copy text and/or graphics from the PDF.
    • Enable modifying notes: Allow users to modify notes in the PDF.

    Click Advanced... to customize the advanced PDF options if required. Click OK.

  5. If required, next to PDF documents, click New to create another PDF in the batch. Repeat the steps above to specify and order the contents of the new PDF.
  6. Click Save if you want to save the Batch PDF settings as a new export set. You can reload the export set later by selecting it from the Export set drop-down menu.
  7. Click Export. In the Choose Directory dialog, complete the options as required.

    Option Description
    Choose a location for the PDF documents

    Select where you want to save the PDF.

    • Directory: Browse for a location on your workstation to save the PDF.
    Skip annotations and commentary text Exclude annotations and commentary text from the PDF email attachment.
    Include tickmark legend Create a legend for each tickmark type in the document(s).

    Click OK.

The documents are exported as a Batch PDF.