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Customize fonts

You can edit the font for specific program areas and automatic documents.

To customize font:

  1. On the ribbon, click Tools | Font Settings.
  2. In the Item drop-down menu, select a document section to modify.
  3. Customize the font as required. Click OK.

The font updates in the selected document section.

Note: Font customizations affect all automatic documents.

Font settings

The Font Settings dialog with font type, size and color options

Option Description
Preview window

Displays a preview of changes to any item, color, or font.

Clicking on an item within the Preview selects it, updating the value in the Item field.

Scheme Scheme applied. Click Save as to save changes as a named scheme. Click Delete to remove the selected scheme.

Select the item to change:

  • Document Number: The document number.
  • Role 1 - 8: Initials and Date: Initials and date entered by the role.
  • Numbers: Numbers based on information entered, or modified, by the role.
  • Commentary: Commentary text entered on all automatic documents and in all browse windows.
  • Annotation: Tickmarks and annotations entered on all automatic documents and in all browse windows permitting annotation.
  • Note text: Document annotation entered on all automatic documents in all browse windows permitting annotation.
  • Table Font: Fonts for program areas including the Document Manager, program and checklist screens, Working Trial Balance, and other table windows.
  • Headers & Footers: Heading 1 - 4: The first line of heading text. This text is linked directly from the Name field in the Name/Address section of the Engagement Properties.
  • Headers & Footers: Footer 1: The optional financial statement footer text as specified in Tools | Options | Documents.
  • Body - Title: Descriptions within the body of automatic documents requiring bold formatting.
  • Body - Text: Text within the body of the document.
  • Numbers: Default 1 - 3: Calculated numbers, including those found in the current column of financial statement documents and other subtotals on automatic documents.
  • Calculated Numbers - Calculated numbers including totals and subtotals on the last line of a working paper, the current column of the draft financial statements, and the final and total columns of leadsheets.
  • Browse font: Font settings for browse windows such as the Working Trial Balance.
Font, Size, Color, Bold, Italics

Set the font formatting.

Select Background Color to apply a color to the area around the item selected.

Script Available language scripts for the specified font. Selecting a different language selection script makes the character set for that language available to create multilingual documents.
Background Color Select to add a background color with the drop-down menu.