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Enable protection

Protection provides security to Working Papers files. With protection enabled, you can:

  • Control user access to specific files
  • Create and assign user groups
  • Designate user rights by group
  • Allocate work by assigning users or groups to documents

To enable protection for a Working Papers file:

  1. On the ribbon, click Tools | Protection | Turn Protection On.
  2. Enter your username and password, then click OK. If this is the first time you have enabled protection, use the default supervisor credentials:
    • Username: sup
    • Password: sup
  3. A confirmation dialog displays. Click Yes.

Protection is enabled for the file. To access the protected file, users must be assigned to a group in the file.

With protection enabled, it is still possible to modify external documents such as Excel or PDFs through Windows Explorer. You can prevent modification by compressing your Working Papers files on closure. Enable Auto Compress for Working Papers files in Tools | Options | General.

Lock a protected file

After a file is protected, you can lock the file to prevent access from unauthorized users. Only members of a group that has the Access Locked Client File permission can access the file.

  1. On the ribbon, click Tools | Protection | Lock Client File.
  2. In the confirmation dialog, click Yes.

The file is locked. If you need to unlock the file, click Protection | Unlock Client File.

Note: Locking a file should not be confused with lock down. Locking a file controls which users can access it, while lock down prevents further changes to the file.