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Folder properties

Modify the properties of new or existing folders.


Specify general properties for the folder.

Option Description

Enter a name for the folder.

Explanation not required when adding documents after lockdown

Select to allow documents to be added to the folder after a Lock Down without providing an explanation.

Lock Down

Select to lock down the folder when performing a lock down. This option is enabled by default.

Retain on Cleanup

Select to retain the folder when performing a cleanup.

Include in Index

Select to include the folder in the Document Index.

Roll Forward

Select to roll forward the folder into the next year file when performing a year end close.

Roll Forward as Placeholder

Select to roll forward the folder into the next year file as a placeholder.


Specify the headings to use in the folder.

Option Description

Extended Description for CaseView

Enter an optional extended description for use when linking to alphanumeric cells in CaseView documents using the Linkage worksheet.


View and modify the history and milestones for the folder.

Option Description

Displays an icon if the event generated a milestone.


Displays a history event. For more information, see Configure file history.


Displays the initials of the user who participated in the event.


Displays the date and time that the event occurred.

Details Click to view more details of the selected history event.
Compare Click to compare the selected milestone to the current version of the document.
View Milestone Click to view the selected milestone.
Delete Milestone Click to delete the selected milestone.