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Resolve an issue

After addressing an issue in the Working Papers file, you can update the issue with your progress or mark it as resolved.


  • If the file is protected, you must have the Modify issues created by other users group right.
  • If you are working in a sync copy, ensure you are online and synchronizing with the parent file.
  • To view issues in the Document Manager, right-click a column header and click Show | All Issues.

To resolve an issue from the Document Manager:

  1. In the Document Manager, locate an outstanding issue and double-click the icon (An clipboard icon with a number displayed in red, representing an outstanding issue in the Document Manager). The Document Properties dialog displays.
  2. On the Issues tab, double-click the issue to display the Edit Issue dialog.
  3. Modify the following options to update the issue:

    • Resolution: Enter a description of how the issue was resolved.
    • Status: Change the current issue status .
    • % Complete: Increase the percentage of completion.
  4. If the issue has been resolved, select Cleared at the top of the dialog. Click OK.

The issue is updated with the latest status information. If the issue was resolved, the icon is cleared from the Document Manager and struck through in the Issues pane.


  • You can also resolve issues from the Issue pane by right-clicking the issue and clicking Edit Issue. Alternatively, right-click the issue and click Complete and/or Clear to quickly resolve an issue.
  • You can delete issues in the Issues pane by right-clicking the issue and clicking Delete Issue. You can delete issues from a document by accessing the Document Properties, then on the Issues tab, select the issue and click Delete. You should only delete issues that are obsolete or incorrect as deletion is permanent.