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Annotating PDFs and Other Images

  • Annotations added to image documents are always document specific. For this reason, Global annotations are never available in image documents.
  • Notes are numbered in top to bottom order. If a note is moved or deleted, all notes are automatically renumbered.
  • The note viewer is available with image documents as with other automatic documents. In addition, note text prints at the end of the document starting from a new page.
  • Annotations connected to a document are copied during a copy components operation; however, you can clear any of the annotation items by selecting the applicable check boxes in the Copy Components dialog box: Document References, Tickmarks, or Notes.
  • If the image for a document is changed, for example, if it is rescanned or if another image is selected for the document, all annotations for the original document are cleared. In this way annotations intended for one image do not appear on another image.
  • The documents may be exported as PDF files as is the case with other automatic documents; however, if annotations are included, those annotations are not exported.