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Setting the date format

You can specify the format of dates that appear in the financial statements. You can also indicate that any month included as part of a date is to be capitalized. You can also use the regional date settings supplied by your computer's operating system.

For a list of the specifiers that can appear in a date format, see Date format specifiers.

  1. Open the Financial statements document and select the Global Setup tab
  2. In the Global Setup tab, locate the Date format drop-down. This drop-down can be found in the Dates section of the tab.

  3. In the Date format drop-down, select one of the following or type your own format.

    Option Description
    MMMM,dd, YYYY This is the default presentation.
    Regional Use the regional date settings as defined by the computer operating system.
  4. Select the Capitalise check box if months included in a date are to be capitalized.

The dates are formatted as specified.