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Note number options

The Heading display options dialog, accessed by selecting the Modify headings button in the Note Tools tab, enables you to specify options for note numbers. Three levels of note numbers are available: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Different note numbering options can be specified for each level.

The note classification represented by Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 depends on the location of the note in the Knowledge Library:

Location of note in Knowledge Library Note numbering levels
In the Notes to the Financial Statements area Level 1 = topic
Level 2 = name
In any other area Level 1 = area
Level 2 = topic
Level 3 = name

Note: If a Reporting by Directors firm library document is provided with your Financials product, you can specify Level 2 and Level 3 note number levels for it.

In the Heading display options dialog, the following note numbering drop-downs are available for each note level.

Drop-down Description

The number type to use when numbering notes. Select from the following:

Number Type Examples
Arabic 1, 2, 3, ...
Large Roman I, II, III, ...
Small Roman i, ii, iii, ...
Large Letters A, B, C, ...
Small Letters a, b, c, ...
None Do not use note numbers
Before Represents the prefix to display before the note number. Select a pre-defined prefix, select None to display no prefix, or type the prefix.
After Represents the suffix to display after the note number. Select a pre-defined suffix, select None to display no suffix, or type the suffix.

How note numbers are to be displayed. The options available depend on the note level.

For Level 1, the options are:

Option Example
1 level number 1
Level 1, bracketed (1)

For Level 2, the options are:

Option Example
2 level number 1.a
2 level, flush 1a
2 level, bracketed 1(a)
Level 2 only a
Level 2, bracketed (a)

For Level 3, the options are:

Option Example
3 level number 1.a.i
Level 3 only i
Level 3, bracketed (i)