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What's new - Financials 16.00

The following describes the features and fixes for Financials 16.00.


  • The Modify styles option has been renamed to Modify theme.

  • The Rounding option is now available in the Statement of cash flows worksheet.

  • The Apply relations option in the Financial statements document now uses the CaseView rounding dialog rather than the previous rounding setup.


  • Added a toggle to enable or disable edit mode for all DIY tables in a document. Enable this setting in the Global Setup ribbon.

  • Grouping in the Statement of cash flows worksheet can now be applied to an entire document, rather than a single row or section from Table Tools | Grouping.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not specify report names in the Organisation standards document of the Canadian (French) Financials template.

  • Fixed an issue where resizing a table column using the ruler would not update the column size in the table properties.

  • Fixed an issue where the Financial statements document would display an incorrect reporting period if it was created using Copy Statements.

  • Fixed various issues with note sorting, including missing dialogs, and failure to retain sorting changes.