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About annotation

You can annotate different items throughout a Working Papers file, including:

Annotation can be added locally or globally. Some items only permit local annotations to that specific item. Global annotations add the annotation to the selected item, and all other locations where that item is referenced. For example, a global reference in the Trial Balance displays on the selected account, as well as all documents using the account.

There are a variety of different ways to annotate an item. See the following table for details:

Type Description

Notes are numbered sequentially throughout a document. Adding a new note automatically adjusts the numbering of other notes in the document.

Notes are included at the end of a document (following any commentary text) when it is printed.


Tickmarks are maintained in the Tickmark worksheet. Hover over a tickmark to see who created it and when.

  • Document Reference: Links to a document in the Working Papers file.
  • Hyperlink Reference: Links to a URL, CaseView document, Office document, image, or PDF.
  • Manual Reference: Links to a specified dialog in the Working Papers file.