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Create tickmarks

You can create and modify the standard tickmarks to use for annotation in an engagement from the Tickmarks worksheet.

To create a new tickmark:

  1. On the ribbon, click Engagement | Tickmarks. The Tickmarks worksheet displays.
  2. On a new line, complete each of the following fields as required.

    Option Description

    Select a color, line weight, background, and graphic to represent the tickmark.

    You can add custom graphics to this column as long as they come from recognized graphic sources. Oversized graphics will be resized automatically.


    Enter an alphanumeric identifier for the tickmark. The identifier can contain up to 20 characters.

    Tickmarks with graphics may truncate the identifier.


    Enter a brief description of the tickmark.

    Click ... to enter an extended description.

The tickmark is created and added to the list of available tickmarks. You can use the same process to edit existing tickmarks in the list. To delete a tickmark, simply place your cursor on the tickmark line, then on the ribbon, click Home | Delete Line.


  • You can drag and drop tickmarks from Home | Annotations directly into an automatic document.
  • Hover your cursor over a tickmark to see who added it and when.
  • In the Tickmarks worksheet, hover your cursor over a tickmark to see who created it and when.