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Document references

Document references are links in Word or Excel that open to specific documents in the Working Papers file.

By default, document references will refer to the client file that is currently open in Working Papers. If no client file is currently open, then:

  • In Word, you are prompted to specify the client file.
  • In Excel, Connector uses the associated client file and if one cannot be found, then you are prompted to specify the client file.

To add document references:

  1. Click on the cell (Excel) or position (Word) where you want to add the reference.
  2. On the Add-ins tab, click Tools | Reference | Document.... Specify a Working Papers file if necessary.
  3. In the Document dialog, select the document(s) to reference.
  4. Modify the reference settings if required.

    Option Description

    The link text that displays in Word or Excel. By default, this field is automatically set to the document number of the selected document.

    The CaseView document icon as displayed in the Document Manager Jump To

    Jump to a specified section, paragraph, or cell. Sections and paragraphs must be included as bookmarks within the CaseView document.

    The Microsoft Word document icon as displayed in the Document Manager Bookmark

    Jump to a specified bookmark.

    The Microsoft Excel worksheet icon as displayed in the Document Manager Worksheet

    Jump to a specified worksheet.

    Cell: After selecting a worksheet, jump to the specified cell number.

    Use Font Settings

    Format the label using the settings specified in the Font dialog.

    Font: Open the Font dialog. Customize the font, font style, size, and effects of the label.

    Include Name Set the label as the name of the document in the Document Manager.

    Click OK.

The document reference displays as one or multiple links in the selected cell (Excel) or position (Word). Clicking a link opens the referenced document in Working Papers.


  • The client file path is included in the document reference only if you are prompted to specify a client file.
  • You can add an Excel document reference in conjunction with formula linkages by enabling the Combine Links option in the Tools | Options menu.