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Link CaseView data to Word or Excel

You can link data from a CaseView document to Word or Excel by saving the value of a cell to the CaseView database, then referencing the database record from your Microsoft document.

Note: You must disable the following option in the CaseView document before you can link data to Excel: Document Settings | Client Options | Document owns CaseView database records.

To save a cell value to the CaseView database:

  1. In CaseView, right-click on a cell and click Edit Cell....
  2. In the Properties menu, click General. In the Calculation Properties group, select External Data Access.
  3. In the Properties menu, click External Data. Complete the following:

    • In the Data Type drop-down menu, select Global Cell Data (Long ID).
    • In the Identifier field, enter a unique identifier for the cell.
    • In the Load Value Calculation field, enter a CaseView calculation.
    • In the Save Value Calculation field, enter r(0).

    Click OK.

The cell value is saved to the CaseView database. You can now create the reference in Word or Excel.

To reference a CaseView database record:

  1. In Word or Excel, click on the location or cell where you want to add the reference.
  2. On the Add-ins tab, in the Connector group, click Caseware Linkage.
  3. In the Category menu, select CaseView Data.
  4. In the Results pane, select the database record storing your CaseView cell value.
  5. Click on the value to populate the formula bar, then click Accept. Alternatively, right-click the value and click Link Formula.

Your CaseView data is linked to your Word or Excel document.