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Fix broken links

There are various causes for broken Connector links. Common causes include:

  • Moving or deleting the Working Papers file
  • Moving a Connector document
  • Referencing multiple files in documents
  • Incorrect syntax in linkages

To identify the cause of a broken link, attempt the following procedures.

  1. To ensure the link can connect to the Working Papers file:

    On the Connector menu, click Tools | Link Paths. Look for any paths with a broken link icon. If any link paths are broken, you can correct them in Tools | DDE Links | Edit DDE Link. For UDF linkages, search your document for links using the client_file argument and correct the file paths.

  2. To ensure the active file is correct:

    If your document connects to the Working Papers file that is currently open, ensure Connector is recognizing this specific file. Use the Link Paths dialog or the Linkage dialog to assess the current connection. If you have multiple files open, try closing the file not in use.

  3. To ensure the link syntax is correct:

    If you are getting errors such as #VALUE, #N/A or #REF in your document, see Error messages for a list of errors and causes.

  4. To verify your Excel settings:

    If Connector commands are not working properly, they may be blocked by Excel. See Common issues in Excel for a list of issues and solutions.