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Registry repair for upgraded operating systems

If you encounter a registry error after upgrading your computer's operating system, you can automatically repair it to restore access to Working Papers.

To repair your registry after upgrading your operating system:

  1. Open Working Papers.
  2. When the error message displays, click Yes.

    A warning message stating that an issue has been found with the Windows Registry as a result of an Operating System update

  3. If you receive a prompt to allow CWSoftwareKeyLink to make changes to your computer, click Yes. If you are a non-administrative user, you will require administrator login credentials to perform this step. If you don't have access to an administrator login, please contact your IT department.
  4. After completing the repair, a confirmation dialog displays. Click OK to close Working Papers.

When you open Working Papers again, the application should operate normally.

Note: Administrators (or IT staff with administrator privileges) can run CWSoftwareKeyLink.exe from the Caseware folder to automate the process.