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Silent Installation

Working Papers supports silent installations where monitoring and manual input during the installation process are not required. Silent installations are executed from the Run command or from a Command Prompt window. >>How Do I?

Switch Description
/S Use to make the .exe bootstrap silent.
/V Use to make anything following this switch be passed to the MSI Execution Engine. Note:There should not be a space between /V and the next argument. If specifying multiple arguments, enclose arguments in quotation marks. Example: Setup.exe /S /V"/qb" .
/qb Use to invoke a quiet install with a basic interface. This will basically just display a progress bar during the installation.
/quiet or /qn Use in place of /qb to perform a quiet install with no interface. You should not see any indication that the install is occurring other than the appearance of desktop shortcuts. The only way to know that the installation has completed is to monitor the Task Manager for the MSIEXEC engine to finish.
/forcerestart Use to force the computer to reboot whenever necessary without displaying a prompt or warning.
/norestart Use to stop the computer from rebooting whenever necessary without displaying a prompt or warning.
/uninstall or /x Use to invoke a silent uninstall.

You can optionally set certain properties from the command-line after the switch.

Property Description
INSTALLDIR="Fully Qualified Path"

Use to specify an install directory that is different from the default (C:\Program Files (x86)\Caseware\) .

"Fully Qualified Path" is the install directory path. Example: Setup.exe/S/V"/qb /INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Program Files\CaseWare Applications\"".


Use to skip silent registration when performing an eDelivery silent install. Example: WP2015USA_AUTHCODE_.EXE /S /V"/qn SKIPREGISTER=1".

registerproxyuser:test and registerproxypassword:test Use to update proxy server settings to connect with CaseWare servers.

:test is the administrator's user name and password. Example: Setup.exe/S/V"/qb /registerproxyuser:test /registerproxypassword:test".

NOREVOKE=1 and NOCHECKIN=1 Use with the silent uninstall switch (/uninstall) to skip automatic license revocation and commuter check in. Example: WP2015USA_AUTHCODE_.EXE/uninstall/V"/quiet NOCHECKIN=1 NOREVOKE=1".