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Exporting a Batch of Documents as PDF

  1. On the Engagement tab, in the Data Group, click Export | Tax Software.... The Export to Tax Software dialog will open.
  2. Click New by the Export Set box. Enter a name for the export set you are about to create.
  3. Working Papers supplies a default PDF document name in the right pane. Use this name or highlight it and click Properties to change it.

    Note: Exporting creates a single PDF for each top-level listed in this dialog.

  4. Select the documents to include in the PDF from the left pane.

    Note: Add a filter on the Filter by drop-down to narrow the list of documents.

  5. Select the document(s) and click Add.
  6. (Optional) Drag the documents into the desired order in the final PDF.
  7. (Optional) Click New by PDF documents to create another PDF document. Repeat the steps above to specify and order the contents for that PDF document.
  8. (Optional) To save the PDF document(s) you have created here for future use, click Save.
  9. Click Export. In the Choose Directory dialog, enter the path to the folder where the export files are to be placed. Use Browse to locate the directory.
  10. Click OK.


PDF has been created with the selected document(s). In a PDF containing multiple documents, page breaks are inserted between documents.

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