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Using The Document Manager to Organize Your Files

There are various ways you can use the Document Manager to organize your file including:

  • Reorder columns on the Document Manager to display the information you need. >>How Do I?

  • You can view the Document Manager or other documents in larger desktop windows by right-clicking the tab of the document and selecting Desktop Window. >>How Do I?

  • You can tag documents to assign tags to specific documents and filter them later. >>How Do I?

  • You can filter the documents that appear on the Document Manager with predefined criteria or create your own filters. >>How Do I?

  • As the designer of a template, it may be necessary to create two or three documents of the same document type each with a different format. The easiest way to accomplish this is to copy one document two or three times. >>How Do I?

  • You can automatically renumber and sort documents in the Documents Manager. >>How Do I?

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