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Copying Documents and Folders in the Document Manager

As the designer of a template, it may be necessary to create two or three documents of the same document type each with a different format. The easiest way to accomplish this is to copy one document two or three times. The copy feature automatically assigns a new number to each newly created document while retaining the properties of the original document. Once the document is copied, right-click each instance of the document and select Properties to customize it.

  1. In the Document Manager highlight the document(s) or folder(s) you want to copy.

  2. Hold CTRL while dragging the highlighted document(s) or folder(s) to the new location.

The items were copied to the new location and assigned new document numbers.

  • When you copy a link to a Word of Excel document located within the same client file, a new copy of the document is created. If linking to a file located outside the client folder, Working Papers creates a second link to the same file.
  • The following types of documents cannot be added either through a copy/paste or drag-and-drop: *.dbf, *.fpt, *.cdx, *.ac, *.ac_, *.bdf, *.sty, *.nsy, *.cgf, *.cv$ or any temp cv files.
  • When using SmartSync, document links are not managed. Rather than adding a document link, you can copy the file directly into the client folder.

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