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Registry settings

All registry locations listed below begin with "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CaseWareInternational\Working Papers\20xx.00" unless otherwise specified, where 20xx.00 represents the version of Working Papers that you are running.

Ribbon: File tab

Setting Registry key/value
New | The default client file path \Settings\DefaultPath
Open | The default client file path \Settings\DefaultPath
Copy Template | Previous settings such as documents selection from last time Stored in several supporting program files rather than the Windows Registry
Backup | The default client file path \Settings\LastBackupPath
Import | ASCII Text File

\Import\ASCII Import File Name

\Import\Excel Import File Name

Import | Excel File

\Import\Excel Import File Name

\Import\Excel Layout File Name

Recent Files | How many are displayed \Settings\NumFiles
Recent Files | The file list itself \Recent File List

Ribbon: View tab

Setting Registry key/value
User List \Settings\UserListWindow

Ribbon: Engagement tab

Setting Registry key/value
Sign Out | Compress the central copy after sign out \Checkout\CompressLibrary




Ribbon: Document tab

Setting Registry key/value
Properties | Which tab was displayed last \Settings\ActivePage

Ribbon: Tools tab

Setting Registry key/value
Diagnostics \Diagnostics
Templates \Templates
Map XBRL Taxonomy | Options | Local Repository | Specify Local Taxonomy Folder \Settings\TaxonLocation
Map XBRL Taxonomy | Options | Remote Repository | Specify Remote URL \Settings\CatTaxURL
Helper Applications Helper application information is stored in the SYSUSR.DBF file. This file can be copied to other installations if the help applications are accessible using the same paths.
Change Identity | User ID \UserIdentification\UserID
Change Identity | Full Name \UserIdentification\Name
Change Identity | Initials \UserIdentification\Initials
Internal cloud data






Customize \Toolbars\Subfolders exist for toolbars which have settings to control display state, size, location, etc.
Font Settings \Font Schemes\Current - found Report Fonts

Options: General

Setting Registry key/value
Startup with \Settings\Wizard
Auto Compress \Settings\AutoCompress
Table List Field Style \Settings\Abbrev
Number of recently used files \Settings\NumFiles
Colour Scheme







Show grid lines \Settings\Lines
Enter key advances to the next field in dialogs \Settings\EnterTab
Use old keyboard shortcuts \Settings\OldKeys
Close file when Document Manager is closed \Settings\DocManClose
Use classic menu system \Settings\ClassicMenus
Hide date and user information in annotation notes \Settings\HideAnnotationExtraInfo
Show Document Tabs \Settings\ShowDocTabs
Open Excel documents in separate instances of Excel \Settings\MultipleExcel
SmartSync/Documents combobox \Settings\SyncCloseDocs

Options: Default paths

Setting Registry key/value
Client File Path \Settings\DefaultPath
Template Path \Settings\TemplatePath
Document Library Path \Settings\DocumentLibPath
Sign Out Path \Settings\SignOutPath
Check Out Path \Settings\CheckOutPath
Backup Path \Settings\LastBackupPath
SmartSync Path \Settings\SyncPath

Options: Mapping

Setting Registry key/value
Show account balances in the Assign Mapping Numbers dialog \Settings\ShowBalances
Create placeholders for missing map numbers \Settings\PlaceholderMaps

Options: Data store

Setting Registry key/value
All options HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CaseWare International\Data Store\Shared Store

Other settings

Setting Registry key/value
Whether or not the Issues Panel is visible \Settings\szIssueShow
Current Working Papers window position \Settings\WindowPos
Whether the Working Papers window is maximized \Settings\Maximized
Current position of Account | Assign Mapping Numbers dialog \Settings\AssignPos
The last active tab of the Document Properties dialog \Settings\ActivePage
Settings which control various table layouts, specifically browses of information


Each browse is listed as a subfolder containing keys which control which field of the database is used as the sort basis (Tag) and which order the sort is performed (TagReverse)

Various settings related to Working Papers' layout and window location


Each dialog or function which launches a separate window exists as a subfolder which controls column order, window location, window size, the splitter location in automatic documents, print preview window settings, etc.

Right-click within an automatic document | Annotate | Which tab was displayed last \Settings\ActiveAnnotationPage
Font settings for automatic documents \Report Fonts
Other Entries | Auto increment reference no. \Settings\Increment
Remembers last selected tickmark using Ctrl-F6 \settings\AnnotationLastTickmark
Cloud Integration \core\enable
Cloud Integration \core\server
Cloud Integration \core\port
Annotation Highlight dialog \settings\lastforgroundcolor
Annotation Hyper link dialog \settings\lastbrowsermode
Annotation note viewer \settings\noteviewer
Annotation note viewer \settings\NoteViewerMinimized
Document manager, if filter header is shown \settings\FilterHeader
Copy Components, documents " Copy Documents only (no folders) \settings\nofolders
Copy Components, documents "Show Empty folders" \settings\emptyfolders
Tools\options\advance\Do not refresh open documents when changes are made by other users \settings\liveupdate
Default role set, font colours \report font\i\font.colour
Issues, retain on cleanup \settings\issue\archive
Issues, alternate color setting \setting\issues\altcolor
Sync file open dialog, custom filter



Save as PDF, advance, watermark, "Use Watermarks" \settings\_pdfpdfwatermarksuse
Save as PDF, advance, watermark, "location" \settings\_pdfpdfwatermarksabovepage
Save as PDF, advance, watermark, "simple text"









Save as PDF, advance, watermark, "External PDF document"




Save as PDF, advance, watermark, "print watermark on first page only" \settings\_pdfpdfwatermarksfirstpageonly
File open page, recent tab, "sorted by" combobox selection \settings\RecentFileListSort
File open page, SmartSync Server tab, value of file name column (by right clicking it changes) \settings\ShowFileNameInServerList
File open page, SmartSync Server tab, sort column \settings\ServerPageColumn
File open page, SmartSync Server tab, sort ascending \settings\ServerPageAscending
File open page, SmartSync, list of files, by guid with properties stored as XML \localSyncCopy
Document manager, viewer column. \settings\pdfviewer
PPC setup dialog, option to convert using UDFs \settings\convert use Udfs
AJE screen, Recurring advanced, "exclude Amounts" \settings\RecurrenceExcludeAmt
Tools\options\language, default language \settings\PresentationLanguage