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Customize columns

You can customize the columns in tables and automatic documents to facilitate scrolling and data entry.

Fold columns

The fold line determines the non-scrolling region of a table, with any information to the left of the fold line remaining static when you scroll left or right.

To set the fold line in a table:

  1. On the table, select the column to fold.
  2. On the ribbon, click View | Set Fold Line.

The fold line is set in the table. To remove the fold line, on the ribbon, click View | Unfold.

Freeze columns

Similar to the column fold line, if you are working in a long table or automatic document where content stretches below your view, you can freeze columns so that the column headers display at all times.

To freeze a column:

  1. In the automatic document or table, right-click the column header to freeze.
  2. Click Freeze | Column Header to freeze the specific column, or Full Header to freeze all column headers.

The columns freeze in the table or automatic document. To undo the freeze, right-click the header and click Freeze | None.

Group columns

Table fields with a drop-down list or a limited set of possible values are automatically grouped together when sorting the column.

Using shift+click on groups works in the following way:

  • On field headers: Accumulates sorts and groups.
  • On a field already grouped: Changes the sort order within that group.
  • While opening or closing a group header: Closes all the group headers at that level or below.

When switching groupings, the group(s) for the currently selected record automatically opens, with all others closed.

Click the +/- button to view or hide the groups.

Hide and reorder columns

You can personalize the columns in an automatic document to display only the information you want, in the order you want, to best serve your organization's needs.

To hide and reorder columns:

  1. With the automatic document open, on the ribbon, click View | Reorder Columns. The Reorder Columns dialog displays.
  2. Under the Active Columns list, select a column to reorder and click the up or down arrows to move it into the desired position. You can also drag and drop the columns.
  3. For columns you want to hide, select the column and click the right arrow to move it to the Hidden Columns list. You can restore hidden columns the same way by pressing the left arrow. When finished, click OK.

The columns are reordered and hidden based on your customizations. To restore the original order of the automatic document, on the ribbon, click View | Restore Columns.

Rename columns

You can further customize the columns in an automatic document by renaming them to organization-specific terms.

To rename columns:

  1. With the automatic document open, on the ribbon, click View | Rename Columns. The Rename Columns dialog displays.
  2. Next to the column you want to rename, click the empty space under the Display Name column. A text field displays.
  3. Enter the new display name for the column. Click OK.

The columns are renamed in the automatic document. They also display in the Reorder Columns dialog. To restore the original column names, on the ribbon, click View | Restore Columns.