Overview - Caseware Batch Tool

The Caseware Batch Tool applies functional template updates and default content updates to client files that use the Caseware Audit or Caseware Financials template. Firm administrators can use this tool to ensure that all files are updated to the latest installed version of the template.

Before you get started with the Caseware Batch Tool, consider the following:

  • Content updates are unique to client situations and engagement teams should continue to manage them on a client-by-client basis.
  • Previous versions of the Batch Tool (Silent Update Wizard) will create sync conflicts if used with SmartSync files. We recommend updating to the most recent Batch Tool and Working Papers 2022 or later if you are utilizing SmartSync functionality.
  • To use the Batch Tool's Cloud functionality, or to run tasks on Cloud engagement files, you must first integrate Working Papers with Cloud. Note that the Batch Tool does not currently support Cloud sites that utilize business units.
  • If you need to update a Cloud file, ensure there are no active child copies. Run the Batch Tool, then download the file to your workstation. After the update, the changes will synchronize with Cloud.
  • If you need to update a Smart Sync Server file, ensure there is only one active child copy. We recommend that you run the Batch Tool on the child copy and the changes will synchronize with the parent after the update.
  • We recommend that you always run the Batch Tool as an administrator (right-click the icon and select Run as administrator).

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