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Environments and E-Licensing

Working Papers can be licensed using our electronic licensing methods: standalone licensing or network licensing. Using electronic licensing can open new doors to implement Working Papers throughout a more complex environment.

  • Register Working Paper using either a standalone license or register multiple licenses tokens throughout a network license server.

  • Plan a proper pilot strategy to implement Working Papers throughout your organization

  • SmartSync Server maintains files in a central location on your network, giving you the ability to access your files from anywhere, anytime securely and without the need for VPN. This section covers the installation of SmartSync Server.

  • Working Papers can be licensed from within a demonstration copy or an unregistered copy of Working Papers using a standalone license or a network license.

  • Working Papers has been used on Citrix and Terminal Server environments for many years. This section contains many best practices that we have generated based on our experiences working with these environments.

  • Various Windows registry settings can be changed to control various settings in Working Papers, CaseView, and Connector. This section is geared toward IT staff. Always make a backup of your registry before changing any settings.