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Templates can be used as a basis for new client files and can save time and set up for new client files. Templates ensure that firm Settings remain standard and enforced across all client engagements. They can also allow firm content to be created once and then easily maintained in a central location and easily distributed to firm members.

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  • Once a firm has created a file and customized it to their liking, including entering a chart of accounts, assigning map numbers, and establishing applicable client settings and display preferences, it may save time for future engagements to elevate that file into a template.

  • Various options exist to help template designers in CaseView ensure their templates will remain stable in a SmartSync environment. The items below should be considered when designing templates.

  • To ensure that all the client files your firm creates conform to your firm standards, you may want to create a firm template that users can base all their new files on. Creating a template can save hours of costly set up time for individual firm client files by providing a customized structure to base the client file on.

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  • Use this dialog to create, edit, or modify existing templates.

  • The Template Versions dialog provides additional information about the template such as the template identifier, component version, update notification, and mapping structure updates.

  • The update process is facilitated by the Template Update Wizard.