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Known Issues in 2017

  • Running a batch print may cause Working Papers to stop responding if Show role completion check marks in is set to Separate column.

    Workaround: Select Document icons instead of Separate column when running a batch print. This can be set under Tools | Options | Roles | Document Manager.

  • In the Protection Setup dialog, users may appear duplicated after converting a file from Working Papers 2016 to 2017. Duplication only occurs in SmartSync child copies that are not fully synced before conversion and contain Active Directory groups.

  • Closing the Smart Card Login dialog in CaseView without logging in closes CaseView, but does not terminate all CaseView background processes.

  • Scrolling with two fingers in CaseView when using a touchpad may only scroll in one direction.

  • The cursor is placed incorrectly when double-clicking an input cell with a set width that is not left-aligned.

  • Using embedded links within CaseView documents to open other CaseView documents, when the Working Papers file has been set to lock down at a future date, will cause both the source and destination documents to appear locked.

    Workaround: Close and reopen the documents from the Document Manager. Open CaseView documents from the Document Manager to avoid this issue.