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Mapping and Grouping

In Financials, you can select the default grouping (mapping, leadsheet, or group 2-10) to be used to organize accounts in the financial statements and notes. Groupings categorize and arrange accounts in the Working Trial Balance into meaningful subsets of information.

Alternate grouping numbers can be selected within a section or by an individual line. These alternate groupings are selected in the firm libraries or directly in the financial statements document. Modifying the mapping and grouping numbers is permitted and should be done through Working Papers.

Template authors should keep in mind that all of the existing content in Financials is based on CaseWare International’s mapping structure. Any changes made to the mapping will not automatically flow through to the content and would therefore have to be managed by the template author.

It is recommended that the default mappings and groupings remain unchanged, however should you require custom mappings and groupings, refer to the Working Papers help topics on mappings and groupings.