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Installing Financials

Financials can be distributed as an out-of-the-box solution if you elect to use CaseWare International’s content and defaults. However, if your organization chooses to modify the master copy of Financials, one individual must be designated as the template owner/author. The template author is responsible for making the customizations in the template to suit the needs of the organization. Multiple template authors can collaborate on the modifications, but all template authors must run both Working Papers and Financials locally. Refer to Collaboration: Template Customization for more information at Once modifications are complete, the customized and repackaged template serves as the base template that the engagement team will use to create their engagement files.

Installing Financials is a simple process. The wizard guides you through the installation and sets up all the necessary files, program groups, and buttons to run Financials.

Financials currently does not support a network installation. Financials must be installed on each workstation where it is to be used.

Please make sure no other programs are running before you install Financials. In addition, disable any virus-checking software until you have finished the installation. Most virus-checking software interferes with the copying process done by the installation program.

There are three methods of installing Financials. Select the method that is appropriate for your firm.

  1. Installing Financials for customization - An organization can customize Financials with their customized content and repackage the customized installation for distribution to users.
  2. Installing the firm-customized Financials template - A user can install the firm-customized template created by your template author(s) in option 1.
  3. Installing the Financials template "as is" - If your organization has not customized Financials, you can download and install it from the link provided by CaseWare Sales.


  • The installation process may take several minutes.
  • If you are using a customized Financials template, you should download and install it from the link provided by your template author. Please refer to the section Installing the Customized Template for installation instructions.
  • In situations where a re-installation is necessary, ensure that any customized files that you wish to retain are backed up prior to re-installing. DO NOT reinstall the original master provided by CaseWare International. Re-installing replaces all items in the currently installed template including any customization made to the libraries.
  • If you have difficulty installing, refer to Troubleshooting Installations.