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Check Out Document Wizard

The Check Out Document Wizard guides you through checking out a file. Once a document is checked out, no other users can modify the document until you have checked your changes back in.

Note: If you have checked out the file by right-clicking a document | Check Out, you will not be prompted to Step 2 in the wizard. You can proceed to Step 4.


Step 1

Welcome to the Check Out Document Wizard

The welcome screen introduces you to the wizard. Click Next to continue.

Check Out Document Wizard

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Step 2

Choose Documents

Select the check boxes to select documents or folders to be checked out.

When all documents have been selected, click Next.

The Checked Out By column lists any user who already has a document checked out.

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Step 3

Choose Adjusting Entries

Select the adjusting entries to be checked out by selecting the check boxes.

Click on an area in the screen shot below to view its description

Displays the adjusting entry number.

Displays the date the adjusting entry was created.

Displays the adjusting entry type.

Displays the description of the adjusting entry.

Displays the name of any users who currently have the adjusting entry checked out.

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Step 4

Confirm Check Out to a New Copy of the Master File

This screen confirms you are checking out your file and being transferred into a new copy of the current file located in a directory listed. Click Change to relocate the file into a different directory.

Click Check Out to continue to the copy of the Master File.

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  • Once the checkout process starts, it cannot be canceled. Clicking Cancel will cancel the copying of a backup file only.
  • Any documents deleted in the checked out file are automatically checked back in so that they delete in the Master file.
  • When files are checked out, the Lock Down feature (Engagement | Lockdown) is not available.
  • After a file has passed the document completion date and lockdown occurs, the file cannot be unlocked until all files checked out before lockdown occurred have been checked in.
  • When a locked down file is checked into the locked down master, all lockdown milestones are regenerated with the newly introduced data.

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