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Cloud Security

Working Papers security can be managed from Cloud to simplify the administration of users and file permissions across your firm. Cloud security offers much of the same functionality available with the Data Store Administration tool and can be used in place of the Data Store (you cannot use both Cloud and Data Store security together in the same engagement file). When using Cloud security, you can only enable Protection for engagement files that are published or integrated with Cloud.

Note: Some features in Working Papers are not available when using Cloud Security. Before you enable this feature, refer to Considerations before using Cloud Security.

You need to perform a number of steps before using this feature:

  • Setting up users, staff groups, and roles in Cloud (manually or importing via Data Store)
  • Enabling Working Papers security in the Cloud firm
  • Enabling Advanced Protection on the Working Papers file (in Working Papers or Cloud)

Users, Staff Groups and Roles

Users, staff groups and roles can be created in Cloud or imported from the Data Store Administration tool.

Note: In Working Papers, a group has two parts: the users that are members of that group and the file rights that have been assigned to that group. In Cloud, these parts are managed independently as "staff groups" and "roles". Staff groups are simply firm designated user groupings and roles are sets of permissions. Roles can be assigned to a staff group to grant role permissions to all users in the group. Roles can also be assigned to users individually.

If you are using the Data Store Administration tool, you can export the list of Working Papers users and groups and then import them into Cloud.

If you are manually creating users and staff groups in Cloud, see the corresponding topics here.

If you are manually creating roles, see Creating Working Papers Security Roles.


Enabling Working Papers Security for the Cloud firm

You must first activate Working Papers security at the firm level in Cloud before enabling it at the file level.

Firm administrators can activate this feature from Firm Settings, see Enabling Working Papers Security for the Firm for instructions.

Once this option is enabled, you can specify that all new files use Advanced Protection by default. Setting this default will automatically enable Advanced Protection on any new files that you publish to or integrate with Cloud.


Enabling Advanced Protection on the Working Papers file

With Working Papers security enabled, you can also manually activate or deactivate Advanced Protection on a file from Cloud or from Working Papers.

  • From Working Papers, use the options under Tools | Protection.
  • From Cloud, use the Share command from the Files app in the corresponding client entity.

For additional instructions, see Enabling Advanced Protection for a Working Papers file.

After enabling Advanced Protection, the menu items under Tools | Protection will change to reflect the options for Cloud, and the Protection dialog will be replaced with the Cloud share page. You can then review role assignments on this file.

For information related to the permissions granted under the default roles in Cloud, see Working Papers file permissions with default Cloud roles.