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Templates Dialog

Use the Templates dialog to add, remove/uninstall, edit, copy, package, repackage, or patch templates.

Click on an area in the screen shot below to view its description


  • Client files and templates are identified by unique internal identifiers assigned when a client file or template is created. Client files created outside Working Papers, for example by browsing for a file and copying it to a new folder, are not assigned a new unique identifier; they share the same identifier of the file from which they were copied. Only when creating files within Working Papers, using File | New or File | Copy Components, will a unique identifier be assigned to a file. Issues may arise should files not have unique identifiers.
  • A template that is currently unavailable because it has been deleted, moved or its server is offline, is indicated by a red X and cannot be edited.
  • You can view properties of, add, remove/uninstall, or edit templates by right-clicking on the template icon and selecting the appropriate command.

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