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Active Directory Tab

When connected to a Data Store, you must log in to access the Active Directory tab.

  • Select to enable all other controls in the dialog.
  • Select to disallow authentication using cached credentials. If Active Directory is not available then users will not be able to log in.
  • Select to allow Active Directory authenticated users only. If selected, the Working Papers option Tools | Change Identity will be disabled. If it is not selected then mixed types of users can log in.
  • The default LDAP server that is set up in the Data Store tool is selected by default. To connect to a non-default LDAP server, specify the host name and port.
  • Use the Filter field when importing users with Enable Active Directory Integration selected. You can specify expressions to filter based on built-in or custom user attributes and Windows group memberships. Wildcards are supported. For more information, see Using LDAP Import Filters.

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