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Data Store Best Practices

The best practices in this section all relate to the setup and configuration of the Working Papers Data Store.

  • The Data Store should be set up using the Data Store Administration Tool for optimal performance.
  • In the Settings tab of the Data Store Administration Tool, ensure that the Synchronization field is set to Only on program startup.
  • The Track Engagement field, also in the Settings tab, controls how files are tracked by the Data Store. For these environments, either Track But Do Not Share with Firm or Disable Tracking should be selected in this field. The Track and Share with Firm setting should not be used unless you are using CaseWare Tracker and have a requirement to monitor the files other users are working on as this feature requires increased network bandwidth.

    Note: Working Papers will frequently ping the Data Store to check its connection status. If one ping fails, the program will stop pinging and the Data Store status icon will remain as a red cross (offline) until you manually reconnect or restart the program.

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