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About Database Files

Files with the file name extension DBF are database files. DBF files store the data for the Working Papers client. For example, the AM.DBF file contains account information (i.e., account numbers, descriptions, ratio classes etc.) for a client's working trial balance.

The following are the database files that make up a Working Papers client file.

Database File Name Description
AC.DBF Tickmarks/Security Contains the tickmark library and information about the security of the client file.
AM.DBF Trial Balance/ Financials Contains the client's trial balance.
AN.DBF Annotation Contains information added as annotation text to the trial balance and to automatic documents.
BL.DBF Balances Contains the balance information for accounts in the client's trial balance.
CE.DBF Consolidated entities Contains the information about consolidated files such as the consolidation structure and the details from entities contained in the consolidated file.
CV.DBF CaseView Forms Database Contains information saved to the CaseView database.
EM.DBF Employee Contains information such as name, group membership, and expenses. This database is included when you perform a re-index of the database.
FP.DBF Engagement properties Contains information in the Engagement Properties.
GL.DBF Journal Entries Contains both the adjusting journal entries and other journal entries for the client file.
HI.DBF History Contains information about history events connected with the client file and its documents.
MP.DBF Account Mapping Contains the map numbers and group numbers (leadsheets and groups two through 4).
PR.DBF Audit/Review programs Contains information about CaseWare Audit, review programs, and check lists.
SH.DBF Document Manager Contains information about the Document Manager.
SYSUSR.DBF Helper Applications Contains information about any helper applications linked to Working Papers such as Notepad or Excel. This database is included when you perform a re-index of the database.
TM.DBF Taxonomy Represents information about the XBRL taxonomy an its connection to the mapping database.
TP.DBF Tax Codes Contains the tax codes applicable to the tax jurisdiction specified in the Engagement Properties.
TP3.DBF Tax Codes (3) Contains information used when exporting to tax software.
TS.DBF Issues Contains issues information.
WR.DBF Commentary Text Contains commentary text added to automatic documents.
WT.DBF Spreadsheet Analysis Contains the ratio analysis document and information entered into spreadsheet working papers.
  • Windows XP offline file support cannot be used with Working Papers as DBF files are not supported for offline synchronization.

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