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Data Store Status Create Attach/Detach Save
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Create/Connect tab

This tab shows the currently connected store and its state, all of which are read-only.

Click on an area in the screen shot below to view its description

  • When not connected to a Data Store, the dialog will say ”No Data Store currently active” and the status will show as ”N/A”.  
  • If connected to an xBase store, then the location of the .cws file as well its status will be shown. When connected to the store with no errors the status will be ”Online”. When unable to connect to the store, the status will be ”Offline” (e.g. if the store folder is deleted or moved). 
  • If connected to a SQL store, all SQL connection properties will be shown, as well at the status.
  • When status is either not connected or "N/A", then all options on all other options will be disabled.

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