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CaseView and XBRL

CaseView documents and their subdocuments can be tagged with XBRL information and then used to export any document in an XBRL format. This process is simplified if the CaseView document is created using map numbers and the map numbers have already been associated with the XBRL taxonomy in Working Papers.

To export a document and their subdocuments as XBRL:

  1. Analyze the document and their subdocuments to determine the kinds of data it contains, such as the date sequences (monthly, yearly, etc.), or types of data (actuals, priors, etc.). Create "contexts" for each of those combinations.
  2. Determine if there are any tags in the taxonomy that do not have corresponding data in the body of the CaseView document that is to be included in the final XBRL file. Create Global Context tags for this data.
  3. Work through the CaseView document and their subdocuments tagging appropriate information, including notes to the financial statements, if desired.
  4. Export the XBRL document. Correct any problems with the tagging as recorded in the diagnostics dialog.
  5. During the export, and additional diagnostic is performed to confirm the numeric items in the document sum correctly.

For information, see the About XBRL in the CaseView help.

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