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Accounting and Assurance

Journal Entries

Adjusting Journal Entries and Other journal transactions can be created, edited and posted to the trial balance.

Automatic Documents

Automatic documents are documents that generate and display specific Working Papers data based on the format and setting selected. Working Papers contains extensive features to create, edit and customize automatic documents.


Annotations can be added to items throughout Working Papers. It can be added to a line in a document, transaction in the adjusting entries or other journal entries, a column in a spreadsheet analysis, an account in the Working Trial Balance or a total in the Working Trial Balance.

Working Trial Balance

The Working Trial Balance allows you to create and edit accounts, add opening, prior and budget balances, format working papers draft financial statements, manage performance measures, apply foreign currency rates to assist in foreign currency translations and create custom groupings and assign them to accounts in the trial balance for presentation on the lead sheets.


You can export Working Papers data to various tax packages for more efficient tax return filing.

Calculations, Functions and Linkages

Working Papers contains advanced features to enter calculations or function to produce a specific result. Working Papers can also link various information to CaseView using CLP codes. CLP codes are entered in cell calculations to create dynamic links to data specified in dialogs.