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Engagement Management

Electronic Review and Sign Off

Working Papers has an extensive list of features to facilitate electronic review notes, history and milestones, and role sign offs. Together, these features are discussed under Electronic Review and Sign Off.

File Maintenance

Working Papers has several features to maintain your client files, ensuring that your documents are clean, accurate, up-to-date, and comply with governing standards.

File Preparation

Working Papers offers several features to import, export, and copy data from your existing client files into Working Papers.


SmartSync is a file synchronization system that can support several people working together on a Working Papers client file simultaneously. SmartSync enables a team to work independently on the entire client file while providing each online member with instant updates on work completed by other members.

CaseWare Cloud

Working Papers can extract information from CaseWare Cloud. Publishing a file to Cloud allows the strongest integration.


Working Papers offers seamless integration with Active Directory with our own Data Store Administration Tool to import your users and assign them to groups. The Working Papers' Protection system enables administrators to control the allocation of work and access to client files.