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Working Papers offers seamless integration with Active Directory with our own Data Store Administration Tool to import your users and assign them to groups. The Working Papers' Protection system enables administrators to control the allocation of work and access to client files.

  • Data Store Administration Tool is a part of the CaseWare Working Papers suite of products. Data such as users and file lists are automatically stored in the local computer the first time that CaseWare® Working Papers is launched. This collection of data is contained in private storage, accessible only to the single user, and is referred to as the Personal Data Store.

  • Users contained in the Windows Active Directory can be imported into the Working Papers user list. In addition to the user name, extra information such as the user’s last name will be brought in.

  • Protection can be used to enforce password protection within your client file. Once protection is enabled you can allocate work to specific staff members by giving them specific rights to only see and work with certain files in the Document Manager.